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Kudit Releases Chains iPhone Game

Atlanta, GA — November 18, 2009
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Award-winning developer Kudit today announced the release of Chains, a game that requires the perfect mix of thoughtful strategy and luck! Chains combines the chaining of Othello/Reversi and the matching of a jigsaw puzzle. Opponents take turns placing tiles so they fit together, and tiles can be captured by matching symbols on them. When the board is full, the player with the most captured tiles wins. Two can play Chains, or one can play against any of the three computer difficulty levels. The game is turn-based, and most games take only two to eight minutes to complete. Perfect for those boring meetings or waiting in line.

Pricing & Availability

Chains is available today on the iTunes App Store for $1.99. Get it on the iTunes App Store! If you like the sound of this game but currently don't have an iPhone, then why not look at some O2 UK iphone 4 reviews to see what you can get. The iPhone is currently a very popular phone to have and you see why when you think you can get games like this. What's more the games are such great value and really help you to get the most from your phone.

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Kudit began creating applications for the iPhone with the first web-based apps in 2007. With the introduction of the App Store in 2008, Kudit quickly emerged as a leading developer of unique and fun apps that feature a perfect blend of award-winning usability and elegant design, and has been recognized by iLounge as a top-100 iPhone apps developer for both 2008 and 2009.

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